On this site you will find the materials used in the

Text Dependent Question workshops facilitated by the three of us:

Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Lori Howard, and Sylvia Ramirez 

COABE participants, click HERE to get the handout with RoboHand story and inference scaffolds along with the presentation slides. (As you'll see if you explore this site, the ppt slides are only siightly different from those we've posted for CATESOL but they include the Robo Hand vocabulary annotation and the inference question prompts. 



We hope that you find the materials here useful.whether you want to dip


or dive into text dependent questions!

We encourage you to try using TDQs in your next lesson. Remember that TDQs can be used with informational text, literary text, photos, audio,  video, and your presentations.


A note on using the materials on this wiki: All materials that feature the Creative Commons logo are under a share-and-share alike license, meaning you are welcome to share and/or adapt the materials for non-commercial use, as long as you attribute it to the three of us or other cited sources.